About Erwin

My Story

Life as a kid

I was born in the Netherlands where I grew up in an age without personal computers, internet or mobile phones. I know its hard to believe now. No computers, internet or mobile phone ? We had just 3 TV channels and they where in black and white only. But that was how life was when I was a little kid and i fully enjoyed. We played on the streets from dusk to dawn and we just had a great time. But even as a young kid I was always interested in electronics and was eager to find out how stuff worked. I can't remember how many times I destroyed some thing just because i want to open it, see the insides and find out how it worked. So when I grew older and the first computers arrived (C=64 anyone?) i was drawn to them and made my first baby steps in programming.

Education and career

One thing let to another and later on in live I went to study IT and electronics at the university of The Hague. After graduating in '92 I found a job as a programmer and i've been developing software ever since. I worked for for multiple companies for over 20 years and got promoted from junior developer to senior fullstack developer. I specialize in C#, typescript, angular, asp.net core and EF.core. After 20 years I decided to quit my job and started my own company EB Worx where I do freelance assignments and develop software for traders.

Life as a trader

I started with trading somewhere around '96. At first I traded stocks and I had some initial success. This was probably more due to luck then smart investments, but that initial success ignited that little spark in me . During the next years i continued trading and studied hard to become a better trader. After reading many books and taking many trading courses I became convinced that risk & money management is the most important thing in trading, closely followed by discipline and controlling your emotions. Now after 20 years of trading i focus on just 1 market , the E-mini futures and consider myself a day trader. I like trading the E-mini and will be behind my PC everyday when the market opens. I usually only take a couple of trades though and then call it a day. Although i've been trading for many years now i still push myself to become a better trader and my trading journal is sure helping with it. That's the primary reason for starting Improve your trade, i wanted a good trading journal myself and was unable to find one which contained everything i needed.

Personal life

Besides trading and programming I'm happily married and I live in the Netherlands together with my lovely wife and dog. We like to go out camping with our camper as much as possible and enjoy nature and long walks. And when i'm not trading, programming or out camping then i'm probably flying around the world. Not in a real plane off course but in my flight simulator. I love flying around in 'my airbus A321' with X-Plane 11 or Microsoft flight simulator and discover new airports and locations.
I hope you enjoy this blog find it helpful in your journey to becoming a better trading!

Consultation services

Are you stuck in your trading ? Do you need some help? I do online consultations about risk & money management and or other trading related topics for $98/hour. Just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested.