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What is a Trading Journal ? (And why you need one)

Do you want to know what a trading journal is, and why you should use one ? If you are serious about your trading, then you should treat it as a real business. This means you should track all your data so that you can analyze them later on and find area's which needs to be improved. And that's exactly what a trading journal does. In this post we'll look deeper in how you can start your own journal.

Monte Carlo Simulation Explained; The Ultimate Guide

As a trader, you probably noticed understand that markets change from time to time. For example, during the summer we often see that the markets are quieter and during the fall we usually get some more volatility. It’s important for you to adapt to these changes A good trading strategy can withstand these changes in the markets. But how do you know if your trading strategy is good and robust enough? That’s exactly where a Monte Carlo simulation can help. Apart from using your historical data to learn more about your trading performance, you can perform a Monte Carlo Simulation formula to get an idea of how your strategy might perform in the future. In this article guide, I’m going to try to explain the Monte Carlo Simulation for you so, in the end, you know how you can use it to analyze and improve your trading results

What Is Expectancy Ratio?

If you are looking to increase the amount of profit you are making from your trades and are failing to understand why you may not be, knowing the expectancy ratio of a trade before you make it can help. In this post, we'll look at the expectancy ratio and explain how to calculate it and why you should perhaps look at it.

12 day trading indicators used by professional traders

Curious about which indicators are used by the pros? In this post, we will look at the top 12 indicators used by professional indicators and how they are used. But a quick warning.. it might not be the holy grail you are searching for!